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2013 --->
  • Death Valley. Colibri nesting and hatching in our back yard. Olya went camping with us (she didn't like sleeping in the tent). Georgy graduated from Middle School. Rafting trip to Mongolia. Black Sabbath concert. Hawaii. New Year in New York and Long Island (visiting Dmity and Polina Zakharov).
2012 --->
  • Highlights: Trip to Ecuador (rafting, trekking, Cotopaxi, Quito, Galapagos) - very nice! Japanese exchange student visit (Joshi). Ann moved out with Justin. Roger Waters (again). Solar Eclipse. Rafting trip - Magadan area, Bakhapcha, Kolyma. Peter Gabriel concert. Ann married Justin White. Arkady Gerasenko visited. Aleksandr Skvortsov visited.
2011 --->
  • Apart from the usual, the highlights were: Ozzy Osbourne concert, trip to Uganda (rafting on the River Nile, safari, etc.), Japanese exchange student visit (Daiki), Rammstein concert, summer rafting in Karelia (Chirka-Kem),  Andrey and Masha marriage, Mono Lake, Hawaii (Kauai), no snow AT ALL in Tahoe in the end of the year. Bought a house in Chandlern AZ.
2010 --->
  • More of the usual... Tahoe, skiing, Puerto Vallarta, camping, bicycling, camping. McCartney. Moscow. Georgy went to the summer camp again. Heat wave and smoke over Moscow - terrible! Rafting trip to Buryatia. November - trip to Peru - Lake Titicaca, Inca Trail and Machu Picchu - out of this world! Roger Waters - The Wall Live. Got snowed in on the New Year's eve in Tahoe.
2009 --->
  • Well... It's May 2009. Global crisis. Swine Flu... My company, Spansion, was struck very hard with the crisis - the whole company was put on an open end furlough (no pay) for almost 3 months - we were told not to come to work after the Christmas shutdown. It ended on February 23 with a massive lay-off - close to 90% at our Sunnyvale R&D Center and 30% worldwide were laid off. I survived... While I was on the furlough I went skiing to Tignes (French Alps) with my newly found college buddies. What a great time that was!
  • Continuing... June. Broke my left wrist roller-skating. July/August. Took off the cast one month earlier than the doctor prescribed. Went to Moscow and then to now a traditional rafting trip - Tuva again but different river -. Georgy went to the summer camp near Zvenigorod. September/October - Camping. AC/DC concert. Camping. Camping. November. Mexico - Puerto Vallarta. December - Tahoe.
2008 --->
  • The usual - camping, skiing, bicycling. Highlight: took a long vacation (1st half of my sabbatical plus some more time off). Visited Prague, Berlin and then was camping at and enjoying the Magic Circle Heavy Metal Festival in Bad Arolsen, Germany for almost a week. After that - Moscow, and then two weeks of rafting in Tuva, South Siberia (Kyzyl Hem river, ) with my old friends from MISiS whom I didn't see for about 20 years. All the above was truly great but I got some eye infection right after the solar eclipse (August 1, 2009) and was almost blind for 2 months :(. Now I am perfectly fine.
2007 --->
  • Camping, skiing, no rafting this time. Still doing a lot of bicycling (since Arizona). Went to Israel to visit recently found friend, Oleg Sidorov. Haifa, Beer-Sheba, DDT concert, Red Sea, diving, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Moscow.
2006 --->
  • Nothing special again. Camping, skiing, rafting, Moscow. Went to Holland for a business trip. Year of Pink Floyd - went to see David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Australian Pink Floyd Show.
2005 --->
  • Nothing special. Camping, skiing, surfing, rafting, Moscow. Went to Hawaii for a conference. Georgy got his tonsils removed.
2004 --->
  • End of 2004. Let's try to remember.. Ann graduated from high school. Got admitted to San Jose State University but eventually dropped out. I lost my car to some evil mechanics in Arizona desert. Went to a business trip to Dresden and visited Rome during that trip. Melikyan briefly visited me in Dresden. Bought a new car. went to Burning Man. Short visit to Moscow. This was a good year.
2003 --->
  • Tell me about being lazy... It's September 2003. What happened... Not much this time.. Lay-offs. FASL/Spansion. Short visit to Moscow.
2002 --->
  • August. I've been lazy again... What happened... Arizona again, Grand Canyon, Caribbean, Moscow, Quebec, Toronto, Lomidze, scuba diving, mountain biking. Turned 40... Georgy is 3 and a half now. Ann is... uhm, she'll be 16 in November. What else..? Oh, moved to another house (bigger). Sunnyvale again but much further from AMD. 3 miles or so. Used to be just 1/2 mile...
2001 --->
  • December. Christmas and New Years Eve in Arizona, Tempe with our old friends. 
  • November. Max went to Moscow. Short trip. 
  • October. Alla got a job as a teacher with Cisco Family Solutions day care center.
  • September 28. A lot's happened since Dec 2000. Too much to write down after almost 10 months... 2001 has been a tough year so far.
  • January-March. Well we moved to the USA again. Now we live in Sunnyvale, California.  Here's all our moves from 1992 to dateleave-site
2000 --->
  • December 17 2000. I redesigned my main page slightly. Added some java buttons. Also added some new material to Sidorov-Web pages.
  • November 22 2000. I wish I wasn't so lazy.  
    Well, we are moving again. This time: Sunnyvale, California.
  • Check out a piece of software I wrote (might be useful for people who know what the Contrast Transfer Function is). Very interactive and educational. http://clik.to/ctfexplorer  
  • May 12 2000. It was the first time I used Front Page 2000 and it screwed up my navigation buttons... now I need to spend some time restoring the previous look of my web.  
  •  May 12 2000. Just an update. Everything is going fine. Even the weather is beautiful. 
  • May 11 2000. Finally! I have a direct cable internet connection... I hope that now I will be able to update my web more often. It was really during the last year. All those free ISP's were not good enough to do even simple things. Too many disconnects, very slow, etc.
1999 --->
  • October 10. I didn't touch the pages for a long time... First, I didn't have time for this and second, I lost the access to the net for quite a while.
    A lot of things happened since March. I was busy at work, visited the States (including Tempe), Ann went to Moscow and got back, etc., etc. Georgy will be 8 months next week. He's already starting to walk!
    More updates will follow soon. Hopefully. I don't know actually why I am keeping these pages alive: I am getting 2-3 hits per week at best... Well, these pages are mostly for close friends and relatives so, I think, 2-3 hits/week is enough.
  • March 14. Georgy is growing. he will be 1 month old tomorrow. March 14. Georgy is growing. he will be 1 month old tomorrow.
    Our old friend, Arkady Gerasenko, visited us last weekend. March 14. Georgy is growing. he will be 1 month old tomorrow.
    Our old friend, Arkady Gerasenko, visited us last weekend.
  • February 15. Hoooooray!!! Our little son, Georgy, was born on Monday, Feb 15 1999 at 20:25.
  • January-February. What we did all this time? Well, we just patiently waited for Georgy to come to this World. The duee date was January 28 but we hoped it would happend a bit earlier... Georgy, however, had his own opinion on this and decided to come out almost 3 weeks later.
1998 --->
cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) December 31. Happy New Year!

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) December 5. Some updates were made recently. The snow is still on the ground.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) December 4. First real snow!

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Well, it's not a big secret any more: we are expecting a baby... somewhere in January 1999.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Some updates were made recently.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) November 18. Anna's   12th birthday.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) November 17. It has been a while... It's already cold here in Eindhoven. Not THAT cold but much colder that in Arizona. We didn't do anything exciting during the past two months. Went to Amsterdam a couple of times. I had been working like a horse being pretty much involved into TEM courses held for some reason not in Eindhoven but in Utrecht (3-4 hours of driving roundtrip)

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) September 16. Not much of a news but we bought a car... I tried to avoid this for 4 months...

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) September 8. Alla starts her 3-month-long Dutch course.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) September 7. Anna's first day at the Dutch school. She is going to attend a special class for non-Dutch-speaking children at Stedelijk College Eindhoven. She is in the 7th grade now.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) August 15. Anna safely arrived to Holland.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) August 7. I (Max) finished an intensive one-month-long Dutch-language course. Still can't speak though...

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Ann is going to arrive on August 15.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) June-July 1998. We have been busy settling down in the new place...

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) June 8, 1998. We (Max and Alla) arrived to Eindhoven. On Thursday, June 11, I (Max) am starting as a TEM Application Specialist with Philips/FEI Electron Optics.


We are leaving soon...

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Movers are coming tomorrow (June 2, 1998) and taking away our stuff including the computer: there will be no updates on my page for quite a while. In about a week we'll be on our way to Holland. We are going to miss you Arizona!

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Ann safely arrived to Moscow on May 28, 1998

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) May 21, 1998. We went to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I got stung by a stingray.
6 hours of incredible pain. Ouch!

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) We are moving to Eindhoven (Holland) soon.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Ann is going to Moscow for Summer. She is leaving on May 27, 1998.

Last updated: October 30, 2003

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