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cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Before 1992 all members of my family and I lived in Moscow or closeby Moscow.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) In August 1992 I moved to Tempe, Arizona, USA. Alla and Anna joined me in November 1993. We stayed there until June 1998. Check these pages to learn about our life in Tempe.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) In June 1998 we moved to Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) In January 2001 we moved to Sunnyvale, California.

A little comment:

Why did I (Max) leave Russia and moved to the States? Well, first of all, it was initially supposed to be just for a couple of years... In 1992, I had been working in P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute and everything had been just fine. However, I was doing science and that was the time things went bad for science in Russia. So, my dissertation-project went nowhere and I started to look around (abroad) for a place to go and continue with doing science. I actually only wanted just... To cut the long story short, I ended up in Arizona State University and it turned out that I needed at least 5 years to finish my Ph.D. project. I finished it in 3 years (in December 1995) and decided to stay in the same place as a post-doc for a couple more years (there was such an opportunity and it was silly not to take advantage of it). After my time as a post-doc was over I had to make a choice: go back to Russia or to stay in the States. Again, to cut the long story short, I (we) finally found something in between and moved to Holland.

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