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This is my "Russian" part of life.

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  • Born: Zvenigorod. July, 11 1962
  • Lived:
    • Novo-Shikhovo (marked with small red circle on the map). 1962-1980
    • Moscow. 1980-1992
      • "Dom Kommuni" (obschaga MISiS)
      • "Belyaevo" (obschaga MISiS)
      • ul. Obrucheva
  • School:
    • Primary: Lutsino
    • Secondary/high: Vvedenskoe
    • Higher: MISiS (Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute), PMP (Department of Semiconductor Materials and Devices). 1979-1985. MET-79-1 and MET-80-1 (after "akadem").
  • Work: P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute. Solid State Physics Devision. Russian Science Academy. Moscow. 1985-1989 under G.A. Kaljuzhnaja. 1989-1992 in Electron Microscopy Group (with S.R. Oktyabrsky, V.I. Ktitorov and K.Ju. Dovidenko).

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