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I am S-i-d-o-r-o-v. This makes me somewhat special, if you know what I mean (I guess you don't... unless you are Russian).

For those who do not know, Sidorov is a notorious Russian surname. Alongside with several other famous characters (Brezhnev, Chapaev, Gena the Crocodile, The Mother-in-Law and Rabinovich), Sidorov always has been one of the favorite objects for jokes (including practical :-). In fact, Sidorov is one of the Perfect Pair, namely, Ivanov-Petrov-Sidorov triplet. Here is a typical joke:

In the army:
- Ivanov!!! ---- Here!
- Petrov!!? ------ Here!!
- Sidorov!?? ------- Here!!!
- Are you guys relatives or something? ----- No, Sir! We are identical twins, Sir!

sidorov-press.GIF (4506 bytes)If you are a Sidorov or know one, please let me know: 

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