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Although Sidorov is not as common as Ivanov or Petrov (for a Russian surname) web search returns an incredible number of links: Google search for instance returns around 24000 hits (as of undercon.gif (1065 bytes) February 2002). 

Selected Sidorovs are listed below..

  1. Max Sidorov (that's me)
  2. Roman Sidorov (lucky Sidorov who owns www.sidorov.com)
  3. Igor Sidorov (artist, painter)
  4. Nikita Sidorov (the mathematician)
  5. Andrey Sidorov (this guy looks like me when I was younger) broken
  6. SIDOROV Square (something funny, in Russian)
  7. Sergei Sidorov (link broken...)
  8. Denis N. Sidorov
  9. Vladimir Sidorov (Audio Studio) 
  10. Sidorov Vladimir Sergeevich (Writer) -- broken

Last updated: May 27, 2003

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