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cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) I started this year as a post-doctoral research associate in the Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy in the Center for Solid State Science at ASU. My new boss was Prof. David J. Smith, one of the major figures in High Resolution Electron Microscopy and a nice person too. Read more about it in my "science" pages.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) End of January 1996. Very big deal. Tempe was a host for XXX Superbowl. We didn't attend but it was interesting anyway.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) February 6, 1996. Alla's mother comes for a visit. She stays with us for a month but doesn't cause any serious damage. Thanks to her we finally had a chance to see the Grand Canyon and to go to California (LA-San Diego) again.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) March 1996. First visit to Las Vegas. Interesting but too much noise.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) April 1996. We started our now traditional camping-trips to Mogollon Rim. After that we were doing this at least 2 times every year. Nice place to go for a weekend.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) May 24, 1996. Anna and I (and Dmitry Lunegov) went to Moscow. I spent about 3 weeks over there, Anna stayed until October. Well, I hadn't been there for almost 4 years and it was really nice to see my parents, relatives and friends. 4 years is a very long time...

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) June 18. I am back to Tempe.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Independence Day. July 4th. We went to California for a couple of days.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) August 1996. For some hard-to-explain reason we were aske to move out from our apartment. In the end of August, we moved to a new place in La Quinta Apartments on 955 East Southern Avenue, Tempe.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) September 1996, Alla goes to Moscow.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Vladimir Kovalevski appears.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) I broke my both wrists in a rollerblade accident.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) October 1996, Alla and anna return from Moscow.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) November 1996. I went to Boston to attend MRS Fall Meeting. There I met our good friends with whom I worked in the same group during 1989-1992  in FIAN, Moscow,- Katerina Dovidenko and Sergei Oktyabrsky. At that time they both were with North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) OK. That's enough for 1996.
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