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cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) By 1995, I was done with classes within SEM (Science and Engineering of Materials) Ph.D. Program and was finishing-up the research part of my Ph.D. thesis. Actually, I was supposed to continue my research for 2-3 more years but... again to cut the long story short, I was able to graduate by the end of 1995.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) February 1995. Arkady Gerasenko leaves back to Russia. We still miss him.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Other than that (see above) the number of Russians around us is constantly increasing. Most notably, the Zenkov's, Slava, Tat'jana and Anna ???? (forgot the last name!) and the mysterious Iraida.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) 24 May, 1995. Anna goes to Moscow for summer. Andrey (what is HIS name!? I am losing my memory cells) accompanied her (to and, later, from Moscow). The flight was departing from LA so we had a chance to take a quick look on Hollywood and Santa Monica Pier.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Independence Day. July 4, 1995. We are in California, visiting Max Lyutikov who at that time studied in CalTech and lived in Pasadena. A couple of days of good time, Laguna beach, Hollywood, etc.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) August 1995. I went to MSA meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) August 1995. First appearance of Dmitry Lunegov. It turned out that he shares an apartment with Lev (Leva) Kristal whom I actually met about 2 years before that but didn't see him since.  Somewhere around the same time Oksana appears.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) August 23, 1995. Anna returns from Moscow. We spent a couple of days in LA/Pasadena (thanks to Max Lyutikov). and guess what? We went to Disneyland!

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) December 6, 1995. I defended my Ph.D. Dissertation. About two weeks of Russian-style celebration followed.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Short appearance of Aidar and his girl-friend Irina Sidorova (!).

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) OK. That's enough for 1995.
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