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Some kind of Sidorov appears at least in a Star Trek computer game (Star Trek: Starfleet Command by Interplay). I never played it so I don't know the details.

Below is a post on the Interplay forum

Skorr : just escort the Sidorov

Posted by Pascal Di Folcoon Feb 21, 190 at 14:08:14:

In Reply to: Need help with Soul of Skorr scenario posted by Bill on Feb 20, 190 at 12:06:18:

With a drone cruiser, it's fairly easy, but I did it also with a CC+.
The trick is to go at full speed or so, and ALWAYS protecting the Sidorov - order your wingmen to escort it too.
You have to cripple the Klingons so they lose speed and can't catch up, but must let the other freighters to their fate. Sometimes one or two of them also pass, but if the Sidorov is alive and leave the map, you win.

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