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Gerb-1918 (RSFSR)

I was born in a little town Zvenigorod near Moscow, Russia (Soviet Union) on July 11, 1962. Then I went to kindergarten, then to elementary... and to middle... and to high school. 
[Pictured above is Novo-Shikhovo village, 5 miles from Zvenigorod, where I lived for the first 20 years of my life. The picture was taken in 1972. The place has not changed much since... well, all empty space visible in this picture is covered with auto-garages, private shacks and villas now]



Eventually (in 1979) I entered Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute (main building is pictured on the left) where I studied at the Department of Semiconducor Materials and Devices until graduated with a Master of Science degree in 1985.

P.N. Lebedev

Since graduation I worked as a staff researcher at P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute (FIAN, main building is pictured on the left), Moscow, Russia. While I had been working there, Soviet Union had collapsed, the Cold War had ended and you know the rest... 

Flag of Arizona

In August 1992, I entered the Science and Engineering of Materials Ph.D. Program at Arizona State University from which I successfully graduated in December 1995. Continued there as a post-doc until May 1998.
Flag of the Netherlands
In June 1998 joined Philips Electron Optics in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Now it's called FEI Electron Optics.
AMD Headquarters

Flag of California

In January 2001 joined Advanced Micro Devices in Sunnyvale, California.
I'm married to Alla V. Sidorova (Shikalova). My daughter, Anna, was born on November 18, 1986. My son, Georgy, was born on February 15, 1999.
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