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Eindhoven looks like a modern city without a past. However, this is definitely not true, since it is already 750 years old. But during the last hundred years, mainly thanks to the expansion of the Philips corporation, the city underwent a change of face.
wpeFC.jpg (10110 bytes) The Genneper is a very beautifully restored watermill that dates back well before 1249, when it was donated by deed to the Postel Abbey.
wpeFB.jpg (16176 bytes) The seats on the Heuvel in the heart of the historic city look very convivial.
wpeFF.jpg (15537 bytes) Van Abbe Museum.
wpeFA.jpg (7119 bytes) Evoluon. Opened in 1966 on the 75th anniversary of Philips is more representative of the city.
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