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A Motorcycle

Black Bunny

The wild horses are not extinct,
I saw them running in the wind,
[One of them] looked inside the bus,
They roared and ran,
On the clean road,
They passed far away,
It didn't have time to look at me.

Big Black Bunny,
In a black berry bush,
Hiding from loud noisy hunters,
BigBlack Bunny in a bush,
Run, into  a big black tree!
While on it's way a hunter shot him,
The bruised Black Bunny,
Ran away and found a home,
In a bigger black berry bush,
From where he came before!

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My Sister

My hair is like a calm stream.
My eyes are like sapphires.
My finger nails are like confetti.
My sisters hair is like a short pond.
Her face is like a beautiful portrait.
Her eyes are like stars.



A horses mane and tail
flow like the wind.
The eyes are little moons.
A horse is bold and it is strong.

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Strange Sam

It's a warm September day,
The birds are singing, flowers blooming,
Once again, the grass is green,
I feel so happy to walk to school
While the cool breeze flows at my hair
The sunshine is warm
Not hot, like summers
It smells very, very crisp outside.
It smells like a perfume store.
It looks like Halloween.
It looks very, very pretty.
My mom is happy of this change,
It gives her a chance to read and write,
My dad is almost always home,
He sits at home and connects the puzzle,
Which we got two years ago.
The winter nights are very close,
Autumn is almost over,
But l don't care.
Strange Sam saw a snail,
He slapped it,
The snail went,

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