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About the Book

Anna Thomas was thinking about snow and the Christmas decoration. Everyone was decorating but her parents.

Anna sneaks into the attic to find old jewelry, toys, scarves, clothes and fabric. She makes decorations and presents. To find out what happens next there is only one thing to do! Read the book.

1997 Ann Sidorova

 About the Author

Anna Sidorova was born in Russia, Moscow on a street called Obroochego on November 18,1986. She went to #46 School to first grade and then came to America on November 19, l993 and was at Scales School for 2 years.

Right now she attends Hudson School and is in the fifth grade.

She likes to paint, read, write, draw and make jewelry.

Ann has written: My Easter Bunny, My Life, Back to the Future 4, 5, 6 and many more.

Ann now lives in Tempe, Arizona with her parents.

Ann Sidorova

955 E.Southem Ave. #168

Tempe, AZ 85282

It was a freezing cold Saturday morning. The snow was beginning to fall, probably already covered the ground. Anna Thomas was looking out the window trying to find out what color the snow was. Well what else can a nine year old think about today. Well since the sun was only coming up the snow was creamy pink.

She remembered about the Christmas decorations downstairs and went to wake her parents. After breakfast Anna put on her fur coat then went outside play in the creamy snow with her friends. No one was out. She went over to her best friends house.

Well what did she find out while she was walking trough the snowy neighborhood. All of her friends were helping their parents decorate their own homes for Christmas. Anna was upset so she just went back home. Mrs. And Mr. Thornas were siting by the kitchen table. Anna looked at them from the living room.

"When are we going to decorate the tree?" asked Anna.

"Honey we have the tree, but we are going to decorate it tomorrow night," they said.

Anna went back to think about this in her room, but before she did she looked out at the empty yard. She ran out there.

"Anna, would you come back over here," said mom, "we need to talk to you."

"Coming mom!" called Anna from her snowy corner in the yard.

When Anna came in the kitchen she found her parents sitting at the table once again probably drinking coffee.

"Okay Anna, would you please sit down," said her mother with a soft voice.

"O.K." said Anna.

"Well, we are planning to make a nice Saturday evening dinner," said Mrs. Thomas, "but I will need some help."

"Well, I'll help with the apple sauce, chicken, potatoes and the mint desert." muttered Anna.

"But Anna," said Mr. Thomas, "didn't you want to play with your dolls?"

"Well, yes, daddy, but I need to help mommy," she said.

"Well, go on then," said Mr. Thomas.

"Mom, I'm ready," said Anna.

"O.K. then," said mom, "why don't you go get everything."

"All right." said Anna.

Mrs. Thomas went and turned on the on the oven, cut the salary and found some parmesan cheese and parsley. Anna started to cut the mint leaves, apples and went to get some potatoes. Mr. Thomas looked at Anna for a while then turned his eyes on the ice which was laying on the mint leaves like a rock on the ground. Then he glanced at Mrs. Thomas and fell asleep.

While Mr. Thomas was sleeping Mrs. Thomas put the chicken in the oven. The chicken was frying like a lost miner in the hot desert waiking all alone with only the gold and the heat on his mind. Walking slowly without a horse or a donkey, pulling a big bag of gold and swimming in a waterfall of sweat, dying for water and food. In three hours when Mr. Thomas awoke, everything was on the table. After they ate dinner Anna went in her room and looked at the calendar she noticed it was Decemher 23, at 12 o'clock when everyone was sleeping, Anna went up in the attic. She started looking through old boxes with old jewelry, toys, scarves and fabric.

The only boxes she didn't take were the boxes with Christmas decorations. She took the giant boxes in her room and locked the door. The first thing she took out was a little box with ballerinas inside. They were also different and beautiflil that she just wanted to be one herself The little eyes looked at her like a child to a mother. The mouth seemed so gentle like it was real. But the ballerina was still shaking from fear ~e the roses on her beautiflil gown and the silken hair. To Anna she was the best. She sewed their hands together to form a garland. She put that aside. Out of jewelry and toys she made ornaments and garlands. Out of scarves she made bows and many more.

Then came the hard part when she took all of the sewing material she could fmd and started making presents.

When she was finished making everything she locked the decorations and presents in her closet and went to sleep. The next morning after breakfast they went to the park. They came back at 8:00 PM everyone but Anna went to sleep. Anna went down to the tree with the homemade decorations. She started to decorate the tree. When she took out a beautiflil doll for whom she had sewn a beautiflil gown of an angel, she put her on the top of the tree. She put the presents under the tree and noticed three more presents. Well, she didn't care. She went back to her room and went to sleep.

The next morning when they were opening their presents everybody was exited.

Then it came to Anna's present. When she started opening her first present it was a giant dollhouse. The next thing she opened was another dollhouse. The last one was a real talking cat. And she and her presents lived happily ever after.

The End

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