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Ann - January 2002
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[written in April 1996]

My name is Anna or Ann Sidorova (or as the boys know it Ant or Anna Banana !) I was born in Moskow, Russia in November 18,1986. On November 17, 1993 we had my Birthday party I got nice stuff but my dad in America and my mom by my side they got a ticket to......America . In America I got a bed, books and doll stuff. I’m 9 years old and I have 5 collections witch are: books ,barbies,stuffed toys,stickers,magnets and arts and crafts.I have 10 favorite colors I won’t tell you them. Here are some poem I made up:

NICE, LOVING, CARING, CHARMING. PRETTY, , SHES FAMILY .AND DADS...... .........ARE ALL THE SAME! I learned this at scales school. 

-April 1996

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