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1992 (settling down)

wpe9.jpg (6985 bytes)cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) 16 August 1992. I (Max) arrived to the States. As far as I remember, I flew from Moscow via Frankfurt (Germany) and Dallas, TX (USA) to Phoenix. The whole trip took a little over 24 hours and was really exhausting.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Upon my arrival to Sky Harbor airport (Phoenix), I was picked up by my good old friend Alik Demkov and his magnificent wife Julia.  Here I would like to say a BIG thanks to Alik and Julia for their huge help and guidance. They really helped me a lot.wpeD.jpg (10320 bytes)

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) My first dwelling in Tempe was in Terrace Road Apartments (on the right). On the top-right is one of the first photos of me taken at that time.

wpeF.jpg (6451 bytes)cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Until March 1993 I shared a 2-bedroom apartment with Dmitry Rekesh and Sean Healy (too bad, I don't have any pictures of him).

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) So, soon after my arrival I started studying in Science and Engineering of Materials Ph.D. Program at ASU. Here, I need to mention Yolanda Ruitz who also helped me a LOT over the years.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) At the same time I started working as a graduate research assistant in the Center for Solid State Science. That's how American system works: one half of the time you study and the other half you work. Here I need to mention 3 persons with whom I worked during my years as a Ph.D. student.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) David Wright

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Mike McKelvy

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Bill Glaunsinger

1993 (waiting for the rest of the family)

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) In 1993 I wasn't doing much except for studying and doing research within SEM (Science and Engineering of Materials) Ph.D. Program and working on the research part of my Ph.D. thesis.

wpe77.jpg (2537 bytes)cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Don't remember exactly how and when I met Arkady Gerasenko. We were close friends up until he left back to Russia in early 1995. Nice guy.

cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Somewhere in April 1993 I moved to another apartment: Roosevelt Manor since Alla and Anna were about to come.

wpe7.jpg (3345 bytes)cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) On November 18, 1993 (Anna's birthday) they (Alla and Anna) finally arrived.

wpeA.jpg (9776 bytes)cndnsed-red.GIF (70 bytes) Not much happened until the end of the year.

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